Christmas Goodies

photo 1

Cracking presents off my sister for Christmas this year.

15 Belgian beers including one of my all time favourites and Post Office Vaults go-to beers, Poperings Hommelbier – a really light, floral, golden ale – all of which kept me substantially lubricated throughout the festive period.

Her other present, the Death by Burrito Mexican cook book, actually put me off overdosing on pigs in blankets and cranberry sauce on Christmas day and left me craving a bounty of lobster tacos and duck confit burritos instead.

Needless to say, I accepted that turkey and sprout quesadillas weren’t going to be served up and forced the roast down anyway, holding my nose.

She also bought me a really fluffy dressing gown which I’ve pretty much lived in since Christmas day. Going to take some topping next year.


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