The Firefly, Worcester

I’ll tell you why I love The Firefly.

It’s not just because of the beer. Don’t get me wrong, the beer is always incredible. It’s that sort of nirvana that any craft beer drinker looks forward to discovering, the kind of place where you actually get excited to walk through the front door and see what they’ve got on that day. With 8 taps and 6 cask ales on more or less constant rotation and fridges filled with bottles from UK, European and American breweries, I can actually say I have never had the same drink twice.

Also, the word around the campfire is they’ve started brewing their own beer again…


It’s not just because of the food. If you like to fill your buns with BBQ brisket or start salivating at the thought of pastrami topped burgers and sweet potato wedges, then you’d probably be safe to dine at The Firefly. The menu is not only delicious, it’s also very reasonably priced; order a pulled pork bap with fries and a bottle of Green Flash West Coast IPA and you’re getting change from a tenner.

It’s not just because of the surroundings. While the three-leveled inside is dimly lit and creates a gentlemen’s club-like feel, the outside space complete with worn-out Chesterfields, continues the nostalgia through into the Worcester air, and although the view may be overlooking ASDA, it’s a suntrap of a beer garden which would rival a lot of country pubs.


Now, don’t get me wrong there are a lot of great pubs and bars in Worcester, many of which are starting to sell craft beer on tap and fill their fridges with an interesting array of bottles – The Old Rec and The Cardinals Hat are good examples. And there’s a lot of places which serve great food in a comparably unique backdrop – dare I say it, the pies at The King Charles even rival the Great North Pie Company’s and the almost medieval setting makes you feel like you’re on a set from Lord of the Rings.

But no where is combining so many different elements as well as The Firefly. With knowledgeable staff on hand to assist with your choice of drinks and live music also adding to the arsenal of reasons to visit, you’re fast running out of excuses not to make it your favourite haunt.

While all of the above are justifiable reasons to love the place, I think what really sets it apart from most other Worcester establishments is that when you’re in there sat on a mustard-coloured velour sofa, hidden in one of the dimly lit corners with your pint resting on an old arcade games table, you really feel like you’re the coolest cat in the world, drinking in the coolest bar in the city…

When in actual fact you’re a drunken mess, sitting alone in the dark, covered in BBQ sauce.

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