Bodega, Worcester


I was always a bit resentful towards Bodega when I first moved to Birmingham. Yes, the food is ridiculously tasty, the cocktails are works of art and the carnival atmosphere in there is unrivaled, but I’d spent the last three year’s living in Nottingham and ‘Bodega’, to me, was a a completely different kettle of fish.

The Bodega Social Club, a venue which hosted some of my favourite gigs and regularly outrageous club nights during my time at university, had stolen my heart first, so I think can be forgiven for taking a while to warm to the idea of having to juggle two lovers.

Now, just as I’ve become accustomed to opening my heart up to a second Bodega, four year’s after the restaurant served its first fish taco, its owners, Birmingham food and drinks conglomerate Bitters n’ Twisted, will be setting up a second site in Worcester due to open in November.

While this is terribly exciting news for all Worcester-based South American food lovers and rum buffs, I’ve been frequenting the city more regularly of late and with the new premises being just a stones throw from Foregate Street Station, I think I’ve just got to come to accept that I’m going to need to make room in my life for a third Bodega.

Fortunately, with the new cantina bar also set start offering a Go Go Burrito take out service, I can’t see that being too difficult.

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