Wine Lord

I’d always meant to check out Wine Lord but I’m a busy/lazy guy and had never actually ventured in search of it. So it was by pure happenchance that I stumbled across it for the first time tonight.

Strolling around the backstreets of Hockley after seeing Modern Baseball* at the Asylum, I was actually heading towards Tesco to pick up some tinnies to take to the flat and drink while sitting in my pants, watching New Girl re-runs, but that awe-inspiring Friday night didn’t quite work out like I had planned.

Now, I love the likes of Cotteridge Wines and Stirchley Wines and Spirits, but (again) I’m lazy and without any four-wheeled form of transport, meaning getting out of the city to stock up doesn’t occur as much as I would like it to. So to find this unassuming little off-license stocking a huge array of craft beer was a pretty exciting find for me.

As the name suggests, I’d say the vast majority of the shelf-space is designated for wines, but just as I was about to head straight for the fridges stocked with your standard corner shop selection, I clocked the wall closest to the door, half-full with the rarest bounty of beer this side of Birmingham.

Shelves were adorned with bottles of Anchor, Thornbridge, Odell, Brooklyn, Flying Dog, as well as Trappists and abbey beers. I bought a couple with the change I had left from the show and opted for a Weird Beard Mariana Trench pale ale and the Goose Island Matilda. I’d had a Matilda before – albeit slightly too inebriated to recall any subtleties – but the Mariana was a new one for me and was the exact thirst-quenching, complex hop-laden affair I needed after sweating like a pig in the sauna of a show beforehand.


Part of me does worry for the safety of my liver now that I’ve discovered such a little gem just a 10 minute walk from my front door and another certainly ponders just how severely my bank balance may suffer. Fortunately, the man in my head providing any sort of rational thinking throughout my day-to-day adventures is pretty pickled by now anyway, so I’m sure any sense/money I had before tonight won’t be around for much longer anyway.

*You know when you love a band on record so much that you have ridiculously high expectations of what they’re going to deliver when you eventually see them play live? So much so that they’re almost destined to be a bit of an anti-climax?

Yeh, Modern Baseball aren’t one of those bands at all. They’re one of those bloody fantastic bands that get you all excited about their music all over again. The type of band where you loved watching them play so much you go home and listen to them on repeat while you write a dumb blog post about beer. THEY WERE THAT GOOD.

Apart from they didn’t play Re-Done. I really needed to see Re-Done.

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